Socio Emotional Learning Program

Socio Emotional Learning program helps in holistic development of children for enhancing their academic performance. 

We have developed SEL curriculum for school. It includes: 


·       Counselling

Ø  Students- having adjustments issues, emotional problems, personality issues

Ø  Teachers

Ø  Parents

·        Reports

Ø  How the students are performing and their progress through sessions

·       Seminar/Webinars

Ø  Weekly/ Monthly seminars on stress management, time management or any other issue

Ø  Sensitization of emotions for teachers, parents or students

Ø  Self awareness

·       Psychometric Evaluation

Ø  Intelligence Tests: - These of course measure the level of intelligence present in the individual. It also assesses the person’s ability to relate to its foreign environment.

Ø  Personality Tests: - These tests measure the type and traits of the individual’s personality. These tests are used for clinical purposes.

·       Development of Socio Emotional Learning curriculum and taking classes for the same for all age groups


Length of Services

Each session would be of 40-60 minutes, once a week for all standards. Individual Sessions with students will be confidential and would be required to sign consent form. In case of minors, parents will be needed to sign the consent/confidential form. These sessions will be conducted in school premises. In case of testing, students might have to visit our office.