Why we get hooked to shows Psyche behind Indian TV character


These characters sometimes act in strange or questionable ways, yet the story makes it seem like what they're doing is okay. This makes us wonder: Why do we enjoy these shows, and why don't we always realize that the characters have problems?

One big reason we're drawn to these shows is that these characters are not one-dimensional. They're complex, not just good or bad. They surprise us, and that keeps us interested. It's like a puzzle we want to solve. Furthermore, these characters show us our own flaws and fears. By watching their struggles, we see our imperfections, too. This connection helps us get more into the story.

These shows can also be a way to escape from the real world. In a world where right and wrong aren't always clear, these stories let us forget about that for a while. It's like taking a break from reality. Moreover, we also get hooked to such characters due to the potential for change. We anticipate that they can get better, even if they're troubled. This taps into our innate hope for seeing goodness in people. 

And maybe, sometimes, we can't see the mental health issues these characters have because we separate fiction from reality. We know they're not real, so we don't judge them as if they were. This helps us get lost in the story without overthinking the characters' actions.

In addition to all this, the entertainment industry loves to make things exciting and controversial. When they show problematic characters, it gets people talking and watching. But there's a downside to this. When these shows make bad behavior look good, it can make those behaviors seem normal. This can make us less sensitive to the real-life consequences of such actions, which can be long lasting and detrimental in reality!

In the end, the attraction to shows with problematic characters comes from their complexity, the way they reflect our own flaws, the desire for a break from reality, and the drama that surrounds them. The reason we sometimes don't see the issues in these characters is because we know they're not real, and that lets us enjoy the story. However, it's important to remember that the media can have a big impact on us, so it's crucial for creators, the media, and viewers to think about the effects of endorsing these characters as they can shape how we think about important issues like mental health and equality.