Each and every person once in their lifetime goes through a heart break because of an end to a romantic relationship. Why do we see heartbreak as a phase that passes with a person moving on? Have we ever thought why heartbreak feels like it is an end to world or is there more to it than just crying. Whenever we see our friends going through something like this we advice them to move on and go on other dates. Does going on from one date to another really helps? Why does moving on feels so heavy?

Falling in love with a person and getting into a relationship with them causes brain to release excessive amount of oxytocin also known as love hormone, dopamine and serotonin. Love hormone is responsible for forming social bonds, dopamine is responsible to keep us motivated and serotonin is responsible for controlling mood. Combination of these three together makes us feel the sensation of love and when that relationship comes to a halt all of these chemicals are unbalanced. It is more like mixing all the kinds of alcohol and next day waking up to a bad hangover and we all know how bad can a hangover be. Due to lack of production of these chemicals break up makes one anxious, depressed or isolated. In order to balance these chemicals people after break up generally try to jump from one relationship to in order to maintain that balance. Hence, people take longer to move on and feel more depressed.

Love is a drug as it changes chemical balance in body when it is gone from one’s life we go through withdrawal symptoms. It exactly feels like when an alcoholic is asked to quit alcohol. When a person goes off any substance it impacts their work and social life. People going through a heart break are not missing work or school because they want to, it is just they are going through withdrawal and lack motivation similar to a depressed person.

Heart break does not only cause mental agony, it also causes physical pain. It generally causes pain in chest or stomach. This pain either feels like a mild wave of pain or like a crushing sensation. Further when these people remember about their exes emotions they go through impacts that part of brain which is responsible for sensation of physical pain.

There is more to a heart break than we think. People actually suffer from brain activity changes, hence it is not just a phase where moving on is easy. Don’t tell people going through a heart break to move on or time will heal everything, give them time to grieve. Time does heal things, with each passing day things become better but the process of grieving is equally important and one should not try to escape. Cry as much as you want, vent out be vocal about what you feel it will make moving on easier but do not try to escape the process. Give people going through heart break some time to accept reality and then try to help them, but be there when they accept things have ended.