Self-esteem is affected by various happenings in our lives which makes self-esteem dynamic in nature. Before we delve into how we can improve our self-esteem let us take a piece of paper and write how we define ourselves. So, what did we write, is it all positive or is it negative or is it a mixture of positive or negative statements? Is it more of “I” or is it more of “musts and should”?

Here are certain things that we could do to strengthen our self-esteem

• Seek a therapist to help you with understanding yourself
• Whenever we are having a negative thought about ourselves learn to challenge it by finding out the evidence to support that thought
• Focus on your achievements and qualities that have added to our lives
• Give yourself a break and not always try to make people around us happy
• Learn how to say no when you are not comfortable with people’s demands; work on being assertive
• Start working out, do one thing daily that makes you happy
• Self-care, take a day off and pamper yourself
• Every week take one challenge and fulfill it
• Learn to be mindful, that is to be aware of what you feel in different situations and how it is affecting your mental health
• Accept your flaws and work on it
• Heal from your past, move on from people or things that make you feel drained
• Learn to make boundaries and learn to enforce them
• Learn the art of compliments and use positive statements for defining self

These are a few ways that would help us with self-esteem. Let’s find out more about ourselves by introspecting.