We use labels to discriminate people and encourage negative stereotypes about them. Labels evoke negative and positive emotions in the person who is being labelled.Labelling is a means of attaching a tag to someone’s personality on the basis of their behaviour or personality trait. One word can completely define a person’s personality and these labels are consistent and cannot be easily changed. Labels form perception about a person and over looks other personality traits. Labels can be positive or negative and different people react differently for a same label. From basic labels for example “lazy” to extreme label for example “rapist”, we just define someone’s personality without even realizing how it impacts one’s personality development. More than doing a good to someone, labels harm us, it acts as a deterrent to ones development.The very first label a person gets is “gender label”. Once we get to know the gender of a baby our course of action is determined on that basis. Not only we decide what colour of clothes a baby can wear but we also decide what type of toy that baby will like. The very first label that we get defines our personality.Once we are labelled we perceive world through these lens and start defining ourselves through it. For example, if a child is labelled “naughty” he/she will act in that particular way because they perceive themselves like a naughty child and try to prove their label correct. Let us look at the example “When a little boy asserts himself, he's called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy”. Asserting oneself is considered as bossy or leader depending on the gender of a person. Being a girl labelled as “bossy” lowers her self esteem and discourages her from standing up for her. Further people around her will presume her to be rude and uncooperative whereas on the other hand boys are labelled as “leaders”. Same action has different consequences which lead to discrimination.Secondly, labels lead to stereotyping and oppression. By stereotyping a particular group or a person leads to poor performance in real world conditions. For example, labelling a person as shy due to introvert nature will lead to anxiety and stress for that person when he/she goes for stage performance. In students it causes poor grades and lower self-confidence. Thirdly, Mental health labelling devalues a person. Further it encourages them to hide their problems due to the fear of rejections and social withdrawal. Due to this people avoid getting the required help and avoid making contacts with people.One negative label leads to another negative label and the entire personality of a person is construed on that basis. People who are negatively labelled are tend to have more negative approach in life and label other also negatively as compared to people who have positive labels. Labels are resistant to change and can completely change one’s personality in a way that would harm them and could psychological distress.