We use word “depression” in our day to day lives for describing our emotional state. The word has become so common that we use this word even when we go through minor inconveniences. Have we really ever thought how a person who is going through major depression sees the world? Is it black or white for them or is it colourful at times? What is depression; is it just feeling sad or there is something more to it? Depression is not only about emotional changes it is also about physical, cognitive and behavioural changes. A person suffering from depression will not only cry often but also would not be able to concentrate or retain information. For a depressed person flowers do not bring joy or eating their favourite meal. They do not only not want to get out of the bed but also every night they sleep praying of no tomorrow. There is constant battle they fight between choosing to live or die. They feel like sharing things at times and then they also do not want to be a burden on others life. For them happiness is that guest which never arrives and their smile is a second’s privilege. Playing with a dog will not give them that satisfaction which you or me get, for them it is just a dog. They do not feel like eating and sleeping is the most tiresome task they have to end their day with. Living with the constant feeling of being stuck and no where to go is just as hard as living with a handicapped body part. Depression makes our mind handicapped and just like physical injury even depression can be treated. They do not know what is motivation; they are only familiar with the emotion of pessimism. Everyday they set goals but just like the day their willingness to achieve it also ends.

Depression not only needs medicine to be cured it needs loved ones to be there. A depressed person needs attention, love and affection. One kind word a day can make them to put in efforts to fight the day. These people not only fight their minds but people around them who are inconsiderate to understand depression is a mood disorder, one discouraging word from loved ones can turn their world upside down. Everyday waking up to gloominess, having no one to talk to makes it difficult for them to perceive world like we do. Depression is form of disorder which is easily visible in a person. All we need to do is be attentive towards people around us. A person who we are talking to is not able to maintain eye contact or walk always looking down, or who’s speech is really slow are nothing but the visible signs of depression. Let us be attentive towards people we interact to because our act can either make their life or destruct it.