Family Pressure and Anxiety


Parents and families have a lot of expectations for their children to achieve a certain stature in life. Amidst their dreams and desires, they fail to note that the child may have their talents and capabilities. The achievement of a high academic score is not the only measure of being successful. They sometimes pressurize the individual to clear competitive exams for government jobs like UPSC, PCS, etc. Under this pressure, the individual starts preparing for exams, joins expensive coaching centers, and invests a lot of time in the preparation for competitive exams. In these competitive exams, the parents forget that the competition is very high and their child may or may not be able to clear it. Every individual has different strengths and weaknesses.


A large number of students prepare for different competitive exams. They usually invest a couple of years to do so. If they don’t get through, they feel that they wasted their time and energy. It is difficult for individuals to start again or to change their life goals. 


Sometimes they feel guilty and that they made the wrong choice. The individual starts comparing himself/herself to others who cleared it, sometimes with their friends and family do it too. When someone else clears in their friend circle or family and they could not, they might feel that they would be made fun of. 

 During the preparation for these exams, the individual may also feel that they might miss out on spending quality time and enjoying themselves with their friends and family. This tremendous pressure from parents, friends, and society makes them feel that they must do so to achieve their goals. 


The individual may have a risk of various health issues like fatigue, body ache, stress, weakness, and disturbances in sleeping, eating, mood, and behavior patterns. If not treated at the right time, they might develop into further mental health problems. Sometimes, fear of failure in exams, the individual may feel inclined to take the extreme step to end their life when they are not able to deal with the pressure. 


Suggestions for students: 

l  Have realistic expectations

l  Make SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound)

l  Make self-care a priority

l  Practice mindfulness

l  Confide in people you trust


Suggestions for parents:

l  Prioritize your child's dreams and goals

l  Refrain from comparing your child to others

l  Encourage the child to take sufficient breaks and rest

l  Look out for any symptoms of physical/ emotional/psychological concerns

l  In case you feel that your child requires more help from a qualified mental health professional, please do not hesitate. 


Let’s work through it and prepare mindfully!