Exam Anxiety


Exam anxiety is a feeling that we see commonly while attempting an exam. It could a pre-board or a competitive exam, we all have been there many times. A bit of nervousness is helpful while attempting an exam but on the other hand if that nervousness affects our memory to the extent of not being able to remember information it leads to a situation of panic. The severity of anxiety depends from person to person and so does its impact of it. The relationship between trying to recall information and anxiety is directly proportional that is harder we try to remember more is more anxiety. We all end in a vicious circle of anxiety and clearing exams.

There are various reasons behind exam anxiety. The most common ones are

-         Previous failures

-         Lack of preparation

-         Thoughts like “I cannot perform”

-         Perfectionism

-         Lack of sleep a day before an exam, unhealthy diet

Now that we have reflected on the feeling of exam anxiety, let’s see what are the common symptoms of it:

-         Increased heartbeat

-         Breathlessness

-         Trembling of hands or legs

-         Lack of focus

-         Inability to recall information

-         Dry mouth

-         Racing thoughts of failure and disappointment

These are some symptoms that we can easily see and understand. Have you felt these symptoms and wondered how to deal with them?

One cannot sit in an exam without facing anxiety, as a basic level of anxiety helps with better performance. But how to deal with exam anxiety? The very first thing is exam hygiene, it helps our brain to be prepared. A week before the exam, one can try to practice mock exams at the same time as the exam, by creating a similar atmosphere as the exam room to prepare our brain. Secondly, learn techniques to work through anxiety. Basic breathing exercises help our brain relax and focus better. Having a good night's sleep and a healthy diet also keeps our brain calm.