One a person commits suicide society says “he/she never looked unhappy, they were such nice people, they don’t deserve that, they could have talk to someone about it or get help”. We are so ignorant towards people that we ignore the basic signs of suicidal tendencies in people. Yes, these are physical signs, one can see and still choses to ignore it because they think “it is phase and it will pass”. How often it happens these days when a friend of ours come to us saying “I am depressed” and how often we say “phase h chala jayega”? It is almost every time. More over in order to cheer them up we make fun of them and their issues, and in that moment, you take away their safe place. What is a safe place? It is a place where a person can talk about anything or everything without the fear of being judged, abandoned or belittled. Sometimes a person wants to vent out and does not come for advice, that is the time when one should listen and not advice. A person having suicidal tendency may will feel burdened by your advice.

One of the most common signs which is always ignored or seen as attitude is reckless behaviour. No one wants to behave recklessly or put their life in danger, they do it because they are not in a condition to understand the consequences of their act, it is their that makes them act in this way. The other sign is withdrawal from social life, living alone, not talking to even closest friends. People who are thinking about suicide sleep more and have significant loss of appetite. These people make plans where they read up on ways to suicide and keep thanking others for their grateful behaviour. There are many reasons to why people think like this but at the end of the day they need someone to talk to, someone who can give them hope. Taking help for mental health issue is a sign of trying to be strong, don’t make these things a taboo. That is the last thing these people need “being labelled”.